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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do's and Don'ts of Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

The wedding date has been set, the invitations mailed, the gown fitted, the caterers, band, reception room all arranged. Everything is ready for the most perfect wedding ever; yours. But, in all the hustle and bustle of planning for the wedding itself, many couples tend to neglect what happens right after the wedding; the Honeymoon. Here's how to make sure your Honeymoon is a special as your wedding.

Do: Request a Double or King bed. This may not be as crucial in a hotel but, if you a taking a cruise keep in mind that most cruise ship beds are designed for one person only. If you want a double bed on a cruise make sure your travel agent specifically requests one.

Don't: Book an early morning flight. Are you sure your reception will be over early? And, will you really have all your packing done in advance? If you answered "no" to either of these questions, then do not have your travel agent book you on the first flight of the day.

Don't skimp. This is a special time of your life and, regardless of how little time you may actually spend in your room, make sure that your accomodations are special. Save on the next trip, not this one!.

Do: Allow for "down time". Take time to relax and unwind from the stress and strain of getting married. Don't over-extend and over-plan. Have time to just do nothing and have some time for each of you to have an activity or two separate from your new spouse.

Don't: Go to the wrong place. Be sure that your Honeymoon destination is geared for couples. Avoid places that have singles, families or seniors in mind as their needs tend to be a lot different. (Unless, of course, you are going to the Number 1 Honeymoon destination: Walt Disney World).

Do: Give all inclusive resorts consideration. These resorts, such as Couples in Jamaica are fabulous. Everything is pre-palnned and taken care of, but, if you or your spouse like the idea of spontaneity, perhaps this is not what you want.

Do: Use a travel agent. A good travel agent will help you plan a Honeymoon that is within budget and, more importantly, right for both of you, saving you from worrying about all the little details. After all, you didn't sew you own gown, and you hired caterers to prepare the food, and the printers created your invitations, so why handle your own Honeymoon arrangements? A travel agent is yet another professional, ready to help make your wedding a special event in your life.

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