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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cupid Weddings

Yes, it is almost that time of year again when everything around you is red, heart-shaped, and made of chocolate and red roses are everywhere you turn. Greeting card stores are packed in that specific little section decked with more hearts, lace, and musical tributes professing undying love.
This very busy and love-filled day is just a few weeks away. Some absolutely love it and some avoid it all costs. If you are a Valentine’s Day lover and have been thinking about incorporating your special wedding day with your other favourite day, read on for some ideas on planning your Valentine’s Day wedding.

Flowers have to be, of course, magnificent deep red roses. A bouquet of neatly packed red roses with a long satin flowing ribbon, or perhaps a bouquet of white roses with crystals and a shiny deep red ribbon handle.
Bridesmaids' dresses in pink or fuchsia would look modern and stunning next to a bride in red, or have all the girls dress in white with red sashes or red tops and white bottoms.
The groom and his party can be in white suits with pink shirts or go ultra-sophisticated with a black suit with satin trimmed cuffs and lapel, black shirts, and deep red satin tie. Boutonniere for the groom are deep red roses and white for the wedding party or simply red satin handkerchiefs and no roses.
Make sure when you walk down that aisle, rose petals galore are generously sprinkled and line up pillar candles for a most romantic look.

A white limousine decorated with red ribbon, an old antique car, or a stunning red sports car can drive you to your wedding.
When your guests arrive to the reception, you need that “WOW!” factor when they first walk through those doors. Imagine a very intimate room, dim lighting and the room is filled with pillar candles, votive candles, candle sticks…. etc.
The room is draped in sheer fuchsia curtaining. Tables are round with red satin cloths that go to the floor. In the center of each table is a cluster of crystal containers of all shapes and sizes, filled with different red and fuchsia flowers, from roses to peonies, to mini calla lilies and more. Pillar candles of all heights are dispersed amongst the floral cluster.
Each place setting consists of a square mirror service plate, which will reflect all that romantic candlelight. A satin fuchsia napkin is folded long and neatly draped along the length of the plate. On each napkin sits a little gift, packaged in a red and fuchsia mini box with ribbon. Inside the box there is a gourmet chocolate heart with your initials on it. Or, each setting has either a fuchsia or red rose alternating with a special message about love attached. The chairs are covered in fuchsia spandex chair covers with a wide red satin bow in back.
While the DJ is playing all the songs that have a special significance to you, the MC can tell stories about why each song is special to you and your loved one. Remember the day is about love, so slow and romantic love songs should also be accompanied by love songs that your guests can party to. For a super romantic touch, have strolling violin players play at each table during the dinner service. Surprise your guests by having a live singer serenade you and all the guests around the room.

And, of course, the cake! Either heart-shaped tiers or modern square tiers, it is decorated in white, fuchsia, or red fondant, with vanilla cake, red fruit, or cream filling and red roses placed on the tiers of the cake.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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