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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dealing With Pushy Family Members During the Planning Phase

When it comes to planning a wedding we all dream of it to be a joyous, memorable time filled with exciting hopes and outstanding outcomes for the big day. However, sometimes our excitement may be pushed to the side by family members becoming a little "too involved" with your planning phase. Don't fret! Here you will find suggestions on dealing and taking your wedding back into your own hands!

You will need:
  • Time
  • Confidence
  • Understanding mind

Remain calm. Often times during the wedding planning phase, everyone around you will be ecstatic and excited to help you plan your special day. Sometimes they may seem to overtake your planning without realizing it. Exploding at them is not going to help matters. Keep a cool and relaxed attitude and remember to breathe. You will get through this.

Don't be afraid to say "no". Though our families have a million suggestions, sometimes they do not fit into our tastes like we would like them to. Saying no may be difficult and you may fear hurting someone's feelings, but always remember to be polite when saying it. Compliment their suggestion, but also explain your reasoning for saying no.

Put your foot down and take complete control over your planning. If by chance your family is relentless during the planning phase and putting too much pressure on you, remember that this is YOUR wedding and that only YOU can do it the way YOU want to do it. Again, thank them for their suggestions, but explain that you're looking for something entirely different.

Talk things through. This is quite possibly the most important step. Communication is always key to successful relationships and when it comes to your wedding planning it's just as important. Don't be afraid to talk to your family and let them in, but also set boundaries and give them ideas of what it is YOU want for your wedding. There is no limit to how much talking you can do and it's an easy way to open up and get things off of your chest.

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