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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adding an Extra Personal Touch to Your Honeymoon

I feel very strongly that your honeymoon should be personal; even a package cruise deal can still be made to fit you, if it’s what the two of you really want. To be honest, even staying home would be romantic right after your wedding! What you do on your honeymoon can help add that personal touch and essential romance, especially if you’ve opted for a beach honeymoon and are thinking about mainly relaxing together. I’ve put together a few ideas below for ways to make your honeymoon special; I’m sure you have a few of your own, but I’m running with the idea that more are always welcome!

1. Start to make your own wedding album. Some photographers work fairly quickly these days. If you have access to the internet on your honeymoon, it can be fantastic to try and work through your photos and put them into a scrapbook. Relaxing together is the perfect time to read look at those photos and start to construct the image of your new life together. You may not have the final versions of the photos, but you can certainly think about what you’ll put on the pages and shop for a new album, even if you’re having a professional album done.

2. Take along your wedding guest book to have a look over while you’re away. In fact, it’s best not to look at it until you’ve had a good few days of honeymoon – bring out the album when you’re good and ready to do so! It can be so romantic to read family and friends’ well wishes while lounging at sunset on the beach, at your candlelit dinner in the bush on safari, or simply anywhere you’re happy and comfortable. Many people do creative things with their guest books these days; I still would suggest having a physical book to pin things in, even if you’ve had guests write their messages on flowers or their place cards.

3. Wait to buy gifts for the wedding party until after you’ve had your honeymoon. This is a REALLY unconventional idea, and something I only just thought of myself, so I didn’t do it, but instead of giving your bridal party a gift beforehand, why not get them a special souvenir from your honeymoon destination? I’m not thinking a conventional or tacky gift, but something genuine, like a handcarved wood statue from Africa, would surely make a bigger impact. Otherwise, why not personalise your gifts?

4. Keep a few decorations and take them along with you on your honeymoon. They can be perfect for putting in the scrapbook I’ve already recommended you put together or even just including in your photos. Perhaps you have a particular bit of decoration that either you’ve spent quite a bit of time making or just symbolises your entire wedding to you – this can be such a romantic, small thing to take along and remind yourselves of the amazing wedding you’ve just had, even if you haven’t made them yourself.

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