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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's your wedding style?

So you’re heading to the chapel of love.

Congrats and buckle up! Getting to the ‘I dos” can be tricky. It is time to get to work planning a celebration you’ll remember for a lifetime and my have been mentally planning since first grade. But what kind of party will it be? Will it be simple and chic or cool and off beat. We want to help you discover the personality of your inner bride. Our Bridal Guide will help you narrow down the selection of vital wedding day components like food, music, flowers and that all-important dress. The Guide also has useful information about local reception venues, bridal boutiques and rehearsal dinner options.
To help you through what could be one of the most trying processes of you life - planning a wedding - we’ve devised a little quiz. Our quiz is not fool-proof (you can like a combination of bridal styles), but it can help your narrow down your bridal style.

So go ahead, whip out a pencil (or if you are confident, a pen) and take our Wedding Style Quiz.

Wedding Style Quiz

Directions: select only one answer for each question and pretend your resources are limited.

1) Which word best describes your ideal reception?
A) Funky
B) Fantasy
C) Chic
D) Classic
E) Sophisticated

2) If you had to be a Spice Girl, which would you most likely be?
A) Melanie Brown/ Scary Spice
B) Emma Bunton/ Baby Spice
C) Victoria Beckham/ Posh Spice
D) Melanie Chisholm/ Sporty Spice
E) Geri Halliwell/ Ginger Spice

3) Which ‘martini’ best describes you?
A) Electric blue martini with a twist
B) Cosmopolitan
C) Pamatini
D) Classic Martini
E) Bellini

4) Pick an appetizer:
A) Crawfish boulettes
B) Shrimp cocktail
C) Mini kobe burgers 
D) Bruschetta
E) Baby quiche

5) Where would you most like to live?
A) A penthouse, an igloo, a sailboat ...
B) A Tudor home
C) A decked-out loft in the city
D) A comfortable, yet stately cottage
E) A mini mansion

6) How would you rather get to your reception?
A) Parachute
B) Horse-drawn carriage
C) A Hummer limo
D) Stroll in with friends
E) A vintage Bentley

7) In addition to or in place of a veil, which accessory are you most likely to wear in your hair?
A) A star-shaped hairpin
B) A blinged-out tiara
C) A feather
D) A flower
E) A vintage diamond pin

8) If money was not a factor, where would you rather honeymoon?
A) Hong Kong
B) Hawaii or Jamaica
C) Aruba
D) Cape Cod
E) Rome

9) What would you most want your bridesmaid to wear?
A) A dress of their choosing
B) Matching pickup dresses
C) A range of dresses in my color palette
D) Classic A-line dresses
E) Floor-length evening gowns

10) Which classic screen star best describes you?
A) Bette Davis
B) Audrey Hepburn
C) Marilyn Monroe
D) Katharine Hepburn
E) Elizabeth Taylor

So which type of bride are you?

Mostly A’s Your bridal style is Off Beat
You are a free spirit who likes it funky, eccentric and unique. The way you see it, a wedding reception doesn’t have to happen in a banquet hall and a wedding dress doesn’t necessary have to be a ‘wedding’ dress.

Mostly Bs? Your bridal style is Princess
You have been dreaming of your wedding day since the day you first watched “Cinderella” as a little girl. Your wedding day will be a lavish fairy tale where you will marry your charming prince.

Mostly Cs? Your bridal style is Trendy
You are a fashionista in life and you will be one on your wedding day. You want the freshest style from your gown to your cake.

Mostly Ds? Your bridal style is Simple
It is OK for other girls, but you are a bit turned off by much of the splendor involved in most marriage celebrations. You want your wedding day to be beautiful, but uncomplicated and uncluttered. You like clean lines, grace and purity.

Mostly Es? You bridal style is Elegant
You want your wedding day to be an upscale, adult affair. You are inspired by the flare and swagger of old Hollywood, but don’t want things to be too stuffy.

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