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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Setting Realistic Body Transformation Goals In Preparation For Your Wedding

Setting body transformation goals usually takes a back seat with all the obligations and organizing that goes on during the months leading up to your wedding. Unfortunately, this type of thinking leads to a lot of overtraining and a lot of underwhelming results that won't have you looking your best on your wedding day.
Consider the following goal guidelines to help assist you in planning your body transformation so you reach your goals and look fabulous in your gown.

  1. Specific: Your goals must be very specific and acute. "I want to lose weight" is not specific. I want to go from a size 16 to a size 11 by 2 weeks of my wedding date IS!
  2. Measurable: You can't measure "fitness" or "health" directly. Specific goals are measurable by definition. You know your body is improving if your waist measurement and abdominal measurements decrease. Progress needs to be measurable. And your measurements will provide you with the kind of feedback you need to make adjustments as you proceed with your program.
  3. Attainable: Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably accomplish at this point in your life - along with taking into consideration your current responsibilities. Knowing that if your diet is perfect and you make time to exercise each week you COULD lose 2 pounds a week, at this rate is there enough time between now and your wedding to reach your goal weight/size? If not re-examine your time line and adjust your goal.
  4. Realistic: Your goals need to be rooted in reality. If you're five feet tall and weight 180lbs, it's okay to dream about being 105lbs and a size 0 at your wedding in 6 weeks, but that goal is at odds with where you are now. Weight loss goals should never be more than 10% of your current body weight if your wedding is less than 12 weeks away. Is this realistic if you've never tracked your calories and exercised before? Which leads us to our final goal objective...
  5. Time-Related: Having a time frame attached to your goals is important. You should allow yourself a minimum of 12 weeks if you are going to aim for a weight loss of 20 pounds or more. Add a week of training and dieting for each 2 pounds you want to lose over 20lbs. For example, if your current weight is 180 and you want to weight 150 by your wedding date, simply subtract 150 from 180 (180-150 = 30) then divide the result by 2: 30/2 = 15. It would take you 15 weeks to lose 30 pounds IF your diet is perfect and you are exercising.


  1. Today's Date is: ___________________________
  2. My Wedding Date is: _______________________
  3. How many weeks are between today and my wedding day? ___________
  4. If I lose 2 lbs. a week how many pounds can I lose by my wedding day? _________
    (# of weeks in question 3 X 2lbs. = ____ lbs weight loss possible)
  5. Below is an example training schedule according to your wedding date. Since June is the most popular month for weddings I will use that as the example:

  • Wedding Date: June 2nd - Training Start Date: March 3rd
  • Wedding Date: June 9th - Training Start Date: March 10th
  • Wedding Date: June 16th - Training Start Date: March 17th
  • Wedding Date June 23rd - Training Start Date: March 24th
  • Wedding Date June 30th - Training Start Date: March 31st

If you start adjusting your diet and exercising by the training start dates that correspond with your wedding dates you should have plenty of time to reach your weight loss goals of losing 20 lbs. If you want to lose more, you'll need to be more strict with your diet and more intense with your exercise or add a week for each 2 lbs. of weight loss you are planning.

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