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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Slumber Party

A fantastic bachelorette party idea is a good old fashioned slumber party. You can pretty much guarantee that slumber parties won't be happening again in your bride's life, so now's the time to have one with all her best friends! Go all out with footie pajamas, pillow fights, dreamy crooners on vinyl, slam books, and lots of junk food. You may even want to play some old favorite games like Truth or Dare or Light as a Feather. Do seances, do dance contests, do each other's hair! Live it up one last time before your buddy gets hitched...just like you did when you were all little girls.

Weekend Getaway Parties

For a truly unique bachelorette party, you may consider taking off for the weekend with your bachelorette party guests. Whether you choose to stay in a quiet bed and breakfast or party it up in a big city like New York or Las Vegas, spending a couple of days with your dearest friends is a great way to see the bride off to her new, married life. (Besides, who knows when you'll all be able to go away together again?)
Bonus Tip: It's a good idea to cover the bride's cost for the weekend, and if every member of the party chips in, you should have no trouble.

Concentrate On the Bride

Sometimes you can get more ideas for your unique bachelorette party by browsing the ideas other parties have used. Check out party supplies stores for photos and stories. These things can give you ideas for a general theme of the party, which you can build on from there. Play her old favorite songs, make her favorite snacks, and give the bride the surprise of her life by making her bachelorette party all about her.

Pamper the Bride-to-Be

Ahh, the future bride's days as a bachelorette are numbered, what are her closest partners in crime to do? Send her out in style, of course! What girl doesn't love to feel beautiful? Treat your bosom buddy to a day of getting gussied up.
Start the day off shopping. Collect a pool of cash from the attendees and let the bride pick out a smashing outfit (make sure she models it and gets the vote of the crowd). Next, head off to the salon for facials, manicures, and pedicures that will leave everyone glowing. Then, to top off the day of beauty, let the guest of honor get her hair blown out. Finally, it's time to put the morning's shopping escapade to good use, put those killer outfits on ladies and head out to show them off, even if you're just planning a simple dinner. Everyone is sure to feel like a million dollars, especially the bride-to-be.

An Elegant Evening

If you look through any guide to bachelorette party planning, you're likely to be greeted with a tasteless assortment of phallic-themed ideas. However, who says that bachelorette parties have to be tasteless and debaucherous? Plan an elegant affair instead. Lay out the white tablecloth and break out the silver and the crystal. Arrange a four course meal, even if it entails ordering from a fancy restaurant. Invite all of the girls that are the closest to the bride-to-be and tell them to wear their cocktail dresses and heels because this is a fancy dinner. For the evening let all of the ladies feel like they are VIPs at a five star restaurant. And, don't forget to break out the bubbly and give a toast to the real VIP and the guest of honor, the bride-to-be.

Ships Ahoy!

Ahh, the bridal celebration before the wedding. Who will ever forget their bachelorette party (on purpose, anyway)? It's up to you to make sure that the bride-to-be has the time of her life so don't drop the ball, girlfriend. Chances are this woman is very special to you so you'll want to make this event special for her. Why not opt for an adventure asea?
Invite all of the closest women to the bride, pack oodles of sunscreen, and charter a boat. There are vessels available for charter everywhere, you just need to pick your pony. If you want a relaxing day gliding in the breeze, rent a giant schooner and a sailor to show you the ropes. If you feel the need for speed and excitement, rent a speed boat and pack some skis. If you just want to relax, however, look into a yacht or a cruise boat. These options aren't as expensive as you'd think (especially with multiple women chipping in). Do your planning right and it will be smooth sailing.

Remember...Just be creative and make sure that it's about the bride.

Best Wishes, Michele~

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